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 "Jill has made our home a beautiful place.

She thoughtfully matched her efforts to our unique tastes and needs.

Working with her was a delight.

She helped us with every aspect of our recent move:

  • Staging our old house; 

  • Getting rid of junk;

  • Calming the stress that arises when selling one house while renovating another.

At my new home, she solved our problems quickly and efficiently: 

She helped with colors, textiles, materials, and accessories.

She helped unpack, organize, arrange furniture and hang pictures.

She provided every resource we needed from her network of contacts and services.

She solved all our problems quickly and efficiently.

She did so much more than we had any right to expect.

She truly is a Jill of all trades!


I hesitate to recommend her for only one reason:

You'll love her so much, she will run out of time for me!" A.J.


" I hired Jill when I was preparing my home for sale. Events had me in, and out of town, and Jill performed the clean- up of the property and the home. She had oversight on several contractors and assured successful completion of work, and authorized their payments. Jill is responsible, and reliable, whether the work is hands on, or supervisory. Based upon her work for me on my home, I hired her again, in a similar capacity when putting my Mother's home on the market.  As a result of Jill's hard work, both homes sold immediately!"  -Norm

" I hired Jill to help me move and stage my house after living in my home for 28 years. She provided me the support necessary with each painful step.  I ended up having a successful sale of my Glencoe home and a new beginning!"  -Barbara and Bob

" Jill was exceptional in putting together a fantastic system in my dysfunctional mudroom. My three boys know where their belongings go and it also looks beautiful with all the storage pieces she chose! Thanks for turning chaos into order!"   -Sarah

"I hired Jill to help get my home ready to put on the market to sell. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed and I couldn’t have been more delighted and relieved to have found her! Jill tacked my project with just the right balance of enthusiasm and efficiency. She was patient and supportive as I made hard decisions about what to keep, donate or store. Jill was able to help me declutter rooms and closets in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to complete on my own. She also took the extra step to make space “user friendly”. No more juggling dishes in cabinets or digging in closets to find what we need. My family can open doors, drawers and cabinets and easily access items which are all prettily displayed. The results have made us fall in love with both our “stuff” and our house again! And the best part was it was all within my budget! Thank you Jill." -Tina 

"Jill is a dynamo! Her expert organization and decorating skills helped us get our home ready for the real estate market and we were so impressed we hired her to help us pack for our move.  She worked efficiently and tirelessly to highlight our home's best features.  Jill really listened to understand what was important to our family and was empathetic and compassionate with the organizing and purging processes.  Her keen eye for decorating and knowledge of the current real estate market were key to professionally staging our home, all the while remaining budget conscious.  What would have otherwise been an overwhelming process, really was “Simply Done with Jill!” I highly recommend Jill!"- Denise

"We highly recommend Simply Done with Jill.  We hired Jill to prepare a house for sale in June 2019. This involved clearing out a lot of unwanted stuff including furniture and cleaning the house. She donated useful items to appropriate agencies and arranged for needed repairs. Jill did this efficiently and kept us well informed of the status of the work since we do not live in Illinois. The cluttered house was completely transformed to one ready for sale. We were completely satisfied with her service."- John and Ellen

"Jill helps our family in a difficult niche of our lives, by managing home projects that we, as two full time working parents, cannot oversee ourselves. Her eye for detail and communication skills make her a great advocate for us when coordinating and otherwise dealing with contractors needed for projects. Moreover, Jill is a true pleasure to work with. She is kind, patient, resourceful, and full of positive energy. We are truly blessed to have found her, and have Jill to thank for many home improvements accomplished this summer. It is hard to express in a few words just how invaluable she is."- Nick

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